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Lock Guard: Made In The USA, ATF-Compliant Lock Box

Posted by Ranger Lock on

At Ranger Lock, we’ve been committed to creating more secure locks and lock guards since we opened the doors to our company all the way back in 2002. One of our most popular products, the ATF-Compliant Lock Box, is consistently a best-seller from the Ranger Lock online store due to its rugged construction and durability. Made from ¼” steel to meet federal requirements, the ATF-Compliant Lock Box securely fits 1” to 2 ½” padlocks. It is the perfect padlock guard solution for protecting the storage of explosives, fireworks, high value goods, hazardous materials, and other dangerous cargo. With the ability to be welded or bolted on, with additional bolt holes inside the protective hood, most people would agree that our ATF-compliant lock guard is one of the best Ranger Lock products yet.

However, we just found a way to make it better. We’re excited and proud to announce that the Ranger Lock ATF-Compliant Lock Box is now exclusively made in the United States in the great state of Georgia! By taking one of our absolute best security products and manufacturing it right here in the US, Ranger Lock is upping the ante on security devices. Now, not only will you be certain that your most valuable and/or dangerous cargo is Ranger Lock secure, you also have the added value of a made in the USA product. The Ranger Lock ATF-Compliant Lock Box is the gold standard when you need to guard padlocks, and we’re happy to be able to produce this lock guard on American soil.

When you need a fully ATF-compliant lock guard, you need the Ranger Lock ATF-Compliant Lock Box. Pick up your lock guard today in our online store to Ranger Lock It Today!