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 Puck Lock






Properly securing a shipping container is an extremely important security concern for any business, and Ranger Lock provides two container lock solutions: the puck lock and padlocks.

The hockey puck lock can be used to secure one door or two doors. If you are securing one door, the correct container lock guard depends on whether you are using the lock to secure an inside lock on the right door with a single crossbar or if your container requires the more universal solution of a double crossbar. For containers which require a two door solution, Ranger Lock offers portable, semi-permanent, and innerbolt security solutions.

For container protection that utilizes padlocks, Ranger Lock offers solutions that give protection to both the lock and latch or just the lock depending on the number of doors which need to be secured as well as the size of the padlock. For example, if your container has two doors and a lock ranging from 1” to 2 ½” then the best solution is the ATF-Compliant Lock Box while a shipping container with only one door could use the universal lock guard to protect standard 1” padlocks.

No matter what type of shipping container your company uses, Ranger Lock has the locks and lock guards to keep your property safe from misuse or theft. Plus, Ranger Lock products are simple to install, and all of our products have online installation instructions to help you Ranger Lock It Today!

If you have selected which Ranger Lock products are right for locking your container, why not check out the full line of lock guardsnow available online!