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What’s unique about the Ranger® products?

Ranger® Lock Products typically are innovative protection that provide a higher deterrent at a low cost. Ranger® Lock Products mate steel housings or boxes with locks. Many

  • “fight bolt cutters” and other cutting tools. 
  • They also protect against the weather - rain, sleet, and snow.

What products can be used for explosives and fireworks?

The Lock Box and hardened steel padlock satisfy ATF guidelines. Explosives companies have found the two Super Extended products are particularly ideal for pre-load. ATF Explosives and Industry Program Branch has recognized all Deadbolts and the Super Extended and Rollup Lock Guard products as approvable with variances depending on the product and the situation.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do.

Lock Guards™

What is a Lock Guard™?

Lock Guards™ are hardened steel boxes that protect the lock shackles. Lock Guards™ are totally portable and are attached via our patented design to the lock’s shackle. Our patented easy closing process typically allows one time, one (or one plus) second installation.

Which Lock Guard™ is best?

It depends on the application. Lock Guards™ are best suited to their application and size lock.

Universal products are designed to work on both containers and trailers, thus Universal being to the application.
Super Extended products also protecting the swivel latch and swivel latch rivet in addition to the lock.





What if we need locks keyed alike or specialty locks?

The one inch and two inch Ranger Lock padlocks, along with the Hockey Puck Lock, can be keyed alike. The one inch laminated lock can not be keyed alike. We can provide several brands of locks, keying options, etc. Contact us at 866.988.5625 (LOCK).

Door Locks

Which Door Lock is best?

The choice of Ranger® product is dependent upon the user’s application. These products are solid steel, typically hardened, and quality locks. Most products eliminate the primary entry illegal entry points: cutting the latch, drilling out the latch rivet, cutting the shackle, cutting the operating handle, drilling out the rivet in the handle hub Choices include such items as: Ranger® Portabolt™ – secure both doors, adjustable bar connects locking rods on two doors Ranger® Crossbar - secure the inner rod on the right door – the rod typically locked. Ranger Double Crossbar – provides the user two inherent choices (1) lock any one rod on any door, (2) provides flexibility in that it can lock any single rod on either door. InnerboltTM – manually secure the left door from the inside so it can not be accessed. Locking Rod Locks – stop rotation of the locking rod. Our first product; was designed to fight anthrax. Contact us for details.

Can the Door Lock be welded and permanently affixed?

Yes. Many of the Door Locks can be permanently affixed or semi-permanently. So you can weld or use a bolt depending on your circumstances.

How much space is needed behind a locking rod for a portable Door Lock ?

Typically 3/16 in.