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Entry point security must never be taken for granted, and at Ranger Lock, our Top Rated National® locks provide high security for doors and access points of all kinds. Our commercial door locks and high security door locks are designed to withstand heavy use which makes them an excellent choice for any commercial industry or high-traffic area. Additionally, because we use steel to construct our locks and hasps, Ranger Lock products are durable enough for a wide array of applications. Plus, installation instructions-- including photos-- are available on the Ranger Lock website which makes upgrading your security even easier.

If your commercial property needs upgraded security measures, check out the collection of Ranger Lock products available in the online store or use our product selector to determine which high security door locks will work best for your situation. Whether you need an innerbolt for additional protection or require the temporary security of a portabolt, Ranger Lock has the commercial door locks to keep your property secure. When you need to keep your property secure, Ranger Lock It Today!

Our locks are excellent security measures on their own, but they provide even better protection with paired with our lock guards! Browse our selection today!