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Lock Guards

When it comes to protecting your property from misuse, theft, or vandalism, there is no better deterrent than a lock guard from Ranger Lock. We have created lock guards for almost every style of door lock and padlock, and Ranger Lock products are tough deterrents that provide unrivaled protection. Once you have installed lock guards on your entrance points, intruders won’t even bother attempting to get past a Ranger Lock. Plus, not only will your locks be stronger and safer than ever before, Ranger Lock lock guards provide additional protection against the elements, safeguarding the integrity of your lockset as well.

Ranger Lock products are durable and easy to install. Made from hardened steel, our lock guards fight bolt cutters and make it tougher for thieves than ever before to interfere with your lock systems. Standard lock guards from Ranger Lock install in seconds and provide exponentially better protection, so it is easier than ever to maximize your property security. We provide explicitly clear installation instructions with step-by-step photos for our products on our website, so you’ll never struggle with installing or using your door lock guard or padlock guards.

Take control of your property’s security with our lock guards, and Ranger Lock It Today! If you’re not sure which Ranger Lock product is right for your property, try using our product selector.