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Padlock on Trailer Door


If you have any experience with trailer security, you are more than well aware that their simple latches are not strong enough security measures to be theft deterrents. And while locking trailer latches can be enhanced through the use of a heavy duty padlock, padlocks alone are not always enough to keep out thieves. Additionally, a padlock that is left exposed to the elements will weaken over time as it is exposed to rain, snow, and other weather elements. Fortunately, Ranger Lock has created the perfect security solution for securing trailers: the Ranger Lock lock guard.

Available in two sizes, the standard lock guard and the super extended lock guard, Ranger Lock lock guards provide exceptional protection for trailer doors. The lock guards are both made from hardened steel with the standard lock guard protecting 1” locks while the super extended lock guard provides protection that is ideal for the pressed handles of trailers, providing additional protection for locks in the 1 ½” to 2 ½” range. Lock guards from Ranger Lock have more uses and provide more protection than everyday shrouded locks, and they are excellent solutions for both commercial and industrial use. Plus, our lock guards are incredibly easy to install, and all Ranger Lock products have available online installation instructions with step-by-step directions and included pictures.

Once you have selected which trailer lock guard from Ranger Lock that will solve your trailer security, why not check out the full line of lock guardsnow available online. And if you need help deciding which Ranger Lock products are right for your property, check out our product selector and Ranger Lock It Today!