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Trailer Rollup

Trailer rollup and similar styles of of rolling doors require special security attention due to their unique construction. The available latching locks on these types of doorways are not sufficient for securing cargo or other commercial property, and therefore it is imperative to take extra precautions. While it is possible to use a padlock to provide additional protection to the door handles of a trailer rollup, padlocks alone are susceptible to corrosion from the elements as well as being exposed to bolt cutters. With a temporary roll-up lock guard from Ranger Lock, your trailer rollup will be more secure than ever as the lock guard will provide additional security against theft and the weather without requiring permanent installation on your trailer rollup.

Ranger Lock also provides semi-permanent and permanent locking solutions for your trailer rollup in addition to our roll-up lock guard. The Ranger Lock side rollbot has compact housing and allows for a sideways fit that provides tighter installs. The housing mounts inside most door cables and fits a variety of hockey puck locks, including the Ranger Lock shackleless hockey puck lock. Installation is a breeze, and the online installation instructions will walk you through every step. If you are unsure of which Ranger Lock products are going to be best security solution for your property, check out our product selector. Ranger Lock It Today!

After you choose your new trailer rollup security solution from Ranger Lock, why not check out our trailer lock guards? Browse our selection today!