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Storage sheds and other free standing exterior shelters, such as detached garages or barns, are notoriously difficult to defend from intruders and thieves due to the latching locks. While latching locks are excellent choices for ensuring a closed door for these types of structures, they are not as efficient at providing security. Most latches of this kind allow for the use of a padlock for additional protection, but exposed padlocks on outdoor structures are incredibly susceptible to the elements. At Ranger Lock, we’ve developed lock guards to protect your latch and heavy duty padlock from both thieves and weather.

Ranger Lock’s storage shed security solutions break into two styles: the junior lock guard and the elongated lock guard. The junior lock guard protects padlocks with up to one inch shackles while the elongated lock guard protects 1 ½”-2 ½” locks. If you are unsure of which Ranger Lock products are going to be best for your property, try using our product selector. And after you’ve chosen your lock guard, check out the online installation instructions and see just how easy it is to Ranger Lock It Today!

Once you’ve selected your new lock guard from Ranger Lock, why not pair it with a hardened steel heavy duty padlock? Browse our selection today!