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If you are looking to provide better security for your personal property, look no further than Top Rated National® Locks from Ranger Lock. From our basic 1” laminated steel padlock to high security hockey puck locks, Ranger Lock has created high security locks that are extremely durable while still being  easy to use. Plus, Ranger Lock provides keyed alike lock services for our strongest high security locks, making property management of commercial industries a breeze.

We take security seriously at Ranger Lock, which is why we fitted our padlocks with dual locking balls to protect against prying. Our high security locks are made with a hardened steel lock casing to provide maximum protection. On the inside, Ranger Lock utilizes a five pin lock shear system for increased resistance against lock picking attempts. When you decide to employ our locks, you decide on strong security. Select which locks are right for your property today using our product selector, and Ranger Lock It Today!

While our locks are excellent security measures in and of themselves, they provide even better protection with paired with our lock guards! Browse our wide selection today.